Thursday, 2 March 2017

Sublime text cutting when I want to delete? (Shift+Delete is Cut)

Selecting some stuff to cut, then selecting rest of code to delete causes what I want to delete to be copied to the clipboard.

Because  Shift+Delete is Cut hotkey for some archaic reason.

A pain in the ass, because obviously I want to delete what I selected and not cut it to the clipboard.
Okay, I could just slow down and wait to left my left pinky depress left shift fully.
But blah, fuck that.

I found I can over-write the default keymap for shift+delete (and some others) made it delete_word which is way more helpful.

Preferences | Key Bindings

Paste this into the User keymap.

[ { "keys": ["shift+delete"], "command": "delete_word" }, { "keys": ["ctrl+insert"], "command": "none" }, { "keys": ["shift+insert"], "command": "none" }, ]

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