Wednesday, 23 September 2015

MSSQL Context_Info session value global value.

How to store and read bits from a session value called Context_Info.

SET Context_Info 0xFF; -- bitindex is the value of the bit you want to get for example 7 is a value of 64 or 0x40 -- CONVERT(tinyint,bitindex value) & SUBSTRING(Context_Info(),byteoffset+1, 1) select CONVERT(tinyint,0x01) & SUBSTRING(Context_Info(),1,1) AS '1', CONVERT(tinyint,0x02) & SUBSTRING(Context_Info(),1,1) AS '2', CONVERT(tinyint,0x04) & SUBSTRING(Context_Info(),1,1) AS '4', CONVERT(tinyint,0x08) & SUBSTRING(Context_Info(),1,1) AS '8', CONVERT(tinyint,0x10) & SUBSTRING(Context_Info(),1,1) AS '16', CONVERT(tinyint,0x20) & SUBSTRING(Context_Info(),1,1) AS '32', CONVERT(tinyint,0x40) & SUBSTRING(Context_Info(),1,1) AS '64', CONVERT(tinyint,0x80) & SUBSTRING(Context_Info(),1,1) AS '128'

You can also store strings in it.

DECLARE @MyStatus VARBINARY(128); SET @MyStatus = CAST('TEST' AS VARBINARY(128)); SET Context_Info @MyStatus; SELECT CAST(Context_Info() AS VARCHAR) -- Or substring :D SELECT CAST(SUBSTRING(CONTEXT_INFO(), 1, 4) AS VARCHAR)

This Context_Info value could be useful to store a value for the session and change the control flow of a trigger.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Moving from Tomboy to GNote for note keeping on ubuntu.

So I had a bunch of notes stored in Tomboy on an older version of ubuntu.

When I upgraded to a newer version of linux I found out I just could not use tomboy notes.
I read somewhere that tomboy was officially removed as a default note app/in apt-get repository the author of that message recommended GNote.

When I installed it, it conflicted with google chrome and uninstalled that automatically.
Re installing chrome would remove Tomboy.

The solution is to use GNote which I think is actually nicer and to copy the *.note files from tomboy to your gnote directory in ~/.local/share/.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install gnote
cp ~/.local/share/tomboy/*.note ~/.local/share/gnote/

You may also want to auto start gnote

mkdir ~/.config/autostart
cp /usr/share/applications/gnote.desktop ~/.config/autostart/
chmod u+x ~/.config/autostart/gnote.desktop

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