Thursday, 27 March 2014

Preventing spelling mistakes with Sublime spell checking

So people seem to get annoyed at spelling mistakes in my comments and code.
I'm not very good at English. Turns out sublime has a solution.

I just have to enable these settings under Preferences Settings - Default or Settings - User etc.
"spell_check": true,
"dictionary": "Packages/Language - English/en_GB.dic"

If you use US spelling you could set your dictionary too
"dictionary": "Packages/Language - English/en_US.dic"

Yeah.. I use GB at work because I live in New Zealand and we spell things with UK spellings.
Eg Colour not Color. I much prefer US spelling but not much that I can do about that since everyone else would expect things to be spelt how they want right?

It adds commands to the right click menu when right clicking on words where you can ignore or see list of corrections. And words are underlined with a red triangle wave squiggle.

It checks comments and strings in ' ' " " etc.

Very Useful.

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