Friday, 21 September 2012

To root or not too root

So I have a nice phone and everyone else seems to insist on rooting it. I have not yet as it voids warranty. But apparently there may be ways to unroot it *back to stock ROM* which mean warranty is not void?

When I get around to developing games for the Android I may root the phone if required. And if there is definite proof of longer battery life and it being faster.
There are some apps on the current stock that I cant uninstall and will never use such as.

Chaton, Flipboard, Game Hub, All Share Play, More Services, S Suggest, Samsung Apps.
And I don't understand why I have to have two seprate music and video players when I can just use VLC.
There was also the things on the lock screen as app shortcuts to quick start I would always bump Chaton when tired. Such a stupid place to put them they should be up higher. And I wanted to customize them. Couldn't seem too.
As well as that I can not change sounds or add counts for a lot of the events such as lock screen success, fail. I wanted to put Quake 2 Access Denied and the success sounds.

I did manage to install Magic Locker which let me have a cool little robot for a lock screen as well as access my music player controls and see messages and notifications easily.

The local of the phone did not support Chinese, whilst it is unneeded for me I was trying to help a friend test if the phones could natively txt with Chinese character-set. Google Pinyin was a great keyboard for it. But it seems the phones need a rom that has the Chinese language in it for the phone to receive messages in Chinese.

When I end up doing more research ill post back.

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