Friday, 28 September 2012

Proxy any internet traffic with Tor and Widecap

So I decided to use Tor and Widecap whilst trying out some stuff for security reasons.

It is really simple to setup.

First download the Tor Vidalia Bundle from their site

Whilst your waiting download Widecap

Install them both.

Tor sets up a Socks5 proxy on your local machine that you can use.
Its address is

So in Widecap Control Panel you want to goto Proxies and click New Proxy
Paste that in the top box and click OK

Next we need to add this proxy to a proxy chain so click Chains editor
Tor handles chaining internally for us keep in mind that Widecap was designed to be used with a list of proxies. So we will just add our proxy to a new chain.

Click Add and type a name click it in the box then click and add the proxy.

So now we have the proxy chain made we need to make a rule.

Click new rule
Type a name and choose the chain or you can add proxy here etc.

Ignore other options if you wanna forward all traffic of your target processes.

Go Ok.

Click View programs under programs, drag in the exe you want to proxy from windows explorer.
Double click the exe in the list and assign it to your rule.
Once done with them all
Then Apply Ok

There is the problem where you might not get best preformance or a nice exit node thats  near you.
To prevent this and sudden disconnects try this guide

You basicaly find the exit nodes you want to use and then specify in settings/advanced/edit torrc that you want to use those ExitNodes

ExitNodes server1, server2, server3... etc
StrictExitNodes 1

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