Friday, 28 September 2012

Proxy any internet traffic with Tor and Widecap

So I decided to use Tor and Widecap whilst trying out some stuff for security reasons.

It is really simple to setup.

First download the Tor Vidalia Bundle from their site

Whilst your waiting download Widecap

Install them both.

Tor sets up a Socks5 proxy on your local machine that you can use.
Its address is

So in Widecap Control Panel you want to goto Proxies and click New Proxy
Paste that in the top box and click OK

Next we need to add this proxy to a proxy chain so click Chains editor
Tor handles chaining internally for us keep in mind that Widecap was designed to be used with a list of proxies. So we will just add our proxy to a new chain.

Click Add and type a name click it in the box then click and add the proxy.

So now we have the proxy chain made we need to make a rule.

Click new rule
Type a name and choose the chain or you can add proxy here etc.

Ignore other options if you wanna forward all traffic of your target processes.

Go Ok.

Click View programs under programs, drag in the exe you want to proxy from windows explorer.
Double click the exe in the list and assign it to your rule.
Once done with them all
Then Apply Ok

There is the problem where you might not get best preformance or a nice exit node thats  near you.
To prevent this and sudden disconnects try this guide

You basicaly find the exit nodes you want to use and then specify in settings/advanced/edit torrc that you want to use those ExitNodes

ExitNodes server1, server2, server3... etc
StrictExitNodes 1

Friday, 21 September 2012


The multiplayer musical experiment

Seems cool.

God Mode, Infinite ammo, Infinite anything... with Cheat Engine

Getting infinite gold/money/cash/power/credit/sun etc in a game with Cheat Engine.
Making a hack to prevent it decreasing using Auto Assembler

Finding GameSend and game crypt functions using OllyDBG

Generally most games will encrypt the data right before they send it.
With that knowledge we just have to find where the game sends it. Then we can look above it or before it to see where the game encrypt function is.

To root or not too root

So I have a nice phone and everyone else seems to insist on rooting it. I have not yet as it voids warranty. But apparently there may be ways to unroot it *back to stock ROM* which mean warranty is not void?

When I get around to developing games for the Android I may root the phone if required. And if there is definite proof of longer battery life and it being faster.
There are some apps on the current stock that I cant uninstall and will never use such as.

Went to Farmers Market

Booyah!, loads of good quality and cheep vegetables and fruit so stuff the supermarket.
Some interesting horticultural conversations too.
So saving more cash for next week as I only had $10.

All up I got

$6 - 4 Capsicum
$2 - 1 Bag Potatoes
$1 - 1 Bag Onions
$1 - 1 Bag Carrots

Going to make the mean soup and such :)

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Packet Analysis

You will want a way to sniff packets perhaps WPE Pro or wireshark, could use ollyDBG or code your own sniffer/logger.

And also a way to check out whats in the packets hex and do simple operations like XOR. I suggest 010 Hex Editor its amazing.

Packets are the things that hold data to be communicated between the server and client, or client too client(s).

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Nice things for Website Development

Here is a collection of nice things for web development.

Generic info on Game Hacking

See my Game hacking paper on google docs

Basics of Assembler - not written by me

Also there is some nice information in the TSX Client development topic on elitepvpers.
Like making a DLL to be injected into a process and signature scanning and how to make signatures.

Click here to get my version of OllyDBG

Good Luck
          Have Fun~

AC Plastics 2011 Ltd

AC Plastics is a local company that does contracted moulding and also makes their own products out of plastic.

Their plastic bottles are perfect for home brew.

Both myself and Ryan McKay worked on their website.

Cheat Engine - Call game code in new thread

So I have recently found out that it is possible to call game functions or code from Cheat Engine using a new thread in an Auto Assembler script.